Girl - Needs Tips On How To "Close" With A Guy When Flirting?

I tend good when it comes to flirting with strangers, I mostly get positive attention, but I never can seem to "close" and get their number. I'm good at ice breakers and conversations, but I don't know how to get a date with a guy that is across the room that's with family. I'm very confident and I believe than I'm very attractive. A lot of people tell me I'm gorgeous, beautiful, adorable, and sexy. I feel like the problem isn't myself, but the guys insecurity an lack of confidence when attracted to me. Most guys constantly glance at me, stare when I'm not looking, and stretch flexing their muscles around me.


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  • um, just say "give me your number." Then call him and talk about ANYTHING. We guys are SO easy when we are attracted. The key is that he must be attracted. If he is, then you practically can't screw up as long as you try. Sexiness is intimidating to guys because it causes them to thing crazy thoughts like "omgsheissofreakinghotIwishIcouldgooutwithherbutwhatcanIsay"etc. If you are willing to do the work of getting his number and calling him, the world is your arena. You can talk about ANYTHING and he will just be glad that you are talking because then he doesn't have to thing of something charming to say. We are so easy.


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