Fashion lovers: How to wear running shoes?

How to wear running shoes?
How to wear running shoes outside of the gym what type of pants go best with the shoes?
From a fashion point of view


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  • with shorts:

    with pants:
    these days, for some reason it's a lot about having the pants up at the ankle to show more of the shoe. i think classic denim is ur best option.

    i wanna point out something tho. with pants in particular, iv noticed a lot of guys ur age dont actually wear running shoes to be 'stylish' anymore. u see a lot of them in other shoes like vans and converse. even the classic brands like nike and adidas are being worn in different styles. u also have these 'boat shoes' or whatever, that guys wear. i would say keep running shoes with shorts. there's nothing wrong at all with running shoes and pants, but I'm just mentioning what iv noticed on trend. hope it helps=]


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  • If you're going to wear running shoes outside the gym your best bet would to be get white running shoes they go with anything

  • How to wear running shoes:
    put on feet
    do whatever
    take off feet
    repeat whenever you need to wear running shows

    they go with everything casual


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