Do women at clubs react to not so hot guys...ordinary guys?

Do women at clubs react to not so hot guys...ordinary guys?


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  • I always look for a guy who has made an effort. We make an effort to look and smell nice, so it is nice to see a guy making an effort too. a nice pair of jeans and a nice shirt, do your hair, etc. Also, look like you;re enjoying yourself, a smile makes you look so much nicer.

    Good Luck


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  • Umm. No. That's impossible. Even logistically.

    There are LOADS AND LOADS of people in clubs. So the only way a person is going to REALLY notice and respond to someone else, is when he or she stands out in some way or another.

    There's two ways you could be that guy:

    1) "Peacocking"

    You could create for yourself a killer-outfit for in clubs that is very well put together and that will CATCH PEOPLES' EYES.

    Don't go overboard, though... While the fur coats, high hats and hawaii flower thingies might all work, you'll just look dorky and weird, and they probably won't even match your own personality. So just go with normal clothing, but add a twist to them so that they personify you, as well as catch peoples' eyes.

    Look here for some inspiration:




    And read this:


    2) BE attractive.

    In other words, have an attractive personality. Don't be the guy who stands in the corner with his beer waiting for some magical moment in which a girl will just walk up to him and start making out. In stead, BE the guy who goes in with his friends and who has a kickass time, laughing, smiling, talking and all that stuff. BE the guy who meets other people and has a kickass time with them. Mark my words: you WILL get noticed.

    Now... How to get to that state?

    -Go with people who are kickass themselves and who actually ARE your FRIENDS.

    -Fake it till you make it! PRETEND that you're happy and outgoing. It sounds weird, I know, but if you just PRETEND that you're overly happy and outgoing, then you WILL be.

    So either do that, or don't go to clubs at all. I don't go to clubs. I hate them. So in stead, I go to the places where I DO feel great and where I DO feel happy.

    You could do the same thing. If you like classical music, go to a concert. You'll feel great already, and as a plus: the people who are there ALSO like that thing you like. In other words: THERE'LL BE LIKEMINDED/COMPATIBLE WOMEN!

    A rule I always follow is: BE GENUINE!

    BE who you actually ARE. Don't pretend to be someone you're not.

    If you aren't a club-person. Don't go to clubs.

    Clubs are overrated for meeting & dating girls, anyways. Social circles, work/school, and tribe-gathering places (like concerts) have ALWAYS been the places where most long-lasting relationships started.

    So take from this post what you want. Hope it was informative. And good luck in meeting women. Do keep us updated, mmkay? ;p

    Have a great day! ^^

    • I agree with the above statement in that clubs are not a good place to meet people. Work/School is where I have met my closest friends and such. Anyway, how do you know you are not hot. Being hot is a matter of personal taste. I like qualities in men much different than many of my friends. Give me a guy who is sweet and fun over some muscle bound idiot who struts around like gods gift any day. The personality makes a person attractive! Goodluck sweetie....there is someone who will be attracted t

    • I agree.. At clubs it's usually for one night stand and what not.

      I prefer the library XP