Going Blonde Suddenly?

Hey guys, I was wondering something. Hope you can help me :)

I have a friend who naturally had brown eyebrows and eyelashes. I remember the color quite well, old photos also confirm the brown color.

A few days ago we met and her eyebrows and lashes were completely light blonde. How can that be possible?

Is it possible that I've never noticed the color before? I don't think so, what else could it be?


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  • Anytime I dye my hair, my hair dresser dyes my eyebrows too so they match. I'm not sure you can do that with eyelashes though? Is it at the end of your summer months? She could be bleached from the sun too.

    • a few months ago she had brown lashes, we met on Wednesday this week. I don' think it's the sun :/

    • We are now in fall by the way :)

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  • Your eyes aren't bad. You'll be fine.

    • I keep thinking that maybe she was alyways like that. But I know she wasn't! Then how the hell she changed the color of her lashes? :D

    • ThatAsianFellow has answered this adequately.

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  • if its not something she did purposely it could be a form of albinism


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