Is anyone chubby that wants me?

are there any chubby girls out there that wants a guy who has blond hair, blue eyes and a six pack with an IQ of 145? Its just I'm over the whole plastic boob thing and want some one who isn't a ditz yet needs a gentle man that is for ever awesome to her? If so, I'm your man, my e mail is so if your a big girl that can't find a man, I'm here for you xo

sounds like the stick figure girls have pms haha
its a question all the same none the less, I thank all the women that have contacted me xo


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  • IQ of 145? did an online IQ test tell you that? because it's pretty apparent that your IQ is no where near that.

    • How steriotypical of you, figures:)

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    • Because maybe they're all smarter than him lol.

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  • If you were actually a blond, blue-eyed genius with six-pack abs, you wouldn't need to go onto the internet to find a woman, you would already have an entire harem of them in your mansion.

  • This isn't a dating site.

  • I am new here yes but I don't think this is a dating site. If you want to find someone online, go to MySpace it works lol.

  • I'm not sure this qualifies as a way you should be using this site. But out of pure curiosity, what do you mean by "big" or "Chubby". That's a man's opinion I would like to hear. I might even turn it into this site as a question.

    • That should be asked! I will post it right after this. Some guys think a girl who could lose like 5 lbs is fat and some guys like girls rounding 300 lol

  • big?


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