Ladies any wacky hair day stories?

I've had my fair share of bad hairdays. does anybody have any stories?


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  • yeah, today. My hair was nice and flat ironed and so pretty and straight. And then I go to my weight training class and while I'm exercising in front of the mirror I see that my hair is just a big fluffy bird's nest. Total reality check cause I thought I was so cute!


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  • Yeah, after a photoshoot. My hair was so teased it took half an hour to comb it out after my shower.. Talk about a rats nest

    • That sounds like it sucked:P did you enjoy the actual photoshoot?

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    • It's by a band called Ain't No Love

    • Nice I'll be sure to check it out:)

  • Not really a bad hair day but one time a bird pooped on my head and no one told me I had bird shit on my head -_-

    • That sucks:( I've had a bird shit on me but thankfully I was wearing a toque

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