Girls, to boot or not to boot, that's the question?

A question inspired by what you see on the streets. Winter time is approaching so the warmer outfits come out.
And so, we see many ladies switch to boots. Like these looks for example:

So girls, to boot or not to boot?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I wear boots now and then when its winter. I got these black boots, and they look great with my black jacket. =)
    (accidentally voted B, i tried to scroll up with my phone and then it voted B...)

    • Haha, no problem! You said before you often wear jeans so you'd look like the nr 1 pic than?

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    • Your black jacket & boots combination brought the most helpful to the Netherlands haha :-)

    • Thanks haha =D

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  • I hate the knee high boots with heels. They're really impractical for the icy conditions here. I like my regular, thick fleece lined rubber soled flat boots :)

    • Nice as well! Don't think the guys will mind haha :-)
      Hope you find them in your size... and those icy conditions, are they just now or are you living up North?

  • I love high heeled boots, i love that black coat in first pic!

  • I LOVE boots but I don't wear them often and not really in the cold. Since it doesn't even get all that cold here in California.

    • Haha I know... I had a lot of chats with Dymphnak, who unfortunately seems to have left GAG... she's from San Francisco and told me about the climate there... 110°F in the summer... goodness I die in anything above 90°F :-)
      Winters here are usually between 5° (make that 9°F) above and below freezing. With a week or so of snow over the entire winter.
      What's a normal winter temperature in California?

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    • Lucky Sammy! Over here it's around freezing for the moment and I need to go out.
      My winter jacket and gloves are ready :-)

    • I guess the weather is fair but no normal it is supposed to be a lot more fresh.

  • I love boots! I like one and three, but dislike the color choices.

  • To boot indeed. That's actually on my to-do list. I really need to start looking for a good pair lol

    • Hahaha, wouldn't the typical girl own "pairs"? Something like 20 pairs if closed shoes, 15 pairs of open shoes and 8 pairs of boots :-)

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    • Haha, that happens to be my favourite one - I think because it looks girly and attractive :-)

    • Yup it's pretty!

  • Yes as soon as the cold weather comes I switch to boots.

    • Nice! And of the 3 looks on the pics, do you have a favourite?
      Well, I suppose not nr 3 when you're at work... wouldn't survive long I suppose :-)
      Though it's a nice look for occasions!

    • My pick would be the second pair

    • Nice choice :-)

  • I prefer lace ups though.

    • So this is the look?
      I think long ago another GAG'ers referred to them. It looks a bit like boots, a bit like pants and a bit like pantyhose... but I can imagine it's very warm?

    • Woah! Those are insane but I just meant normal boots that have laces in front. Like Doc Martens or something :)

    • Hahaha, it's a coincidence that when I googled for "lace ups" this was the nr 1 picture :-)
      And, admitted, it catches one's attention!

  • Love them. they look great with dresses too.


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