Guys what do you think of girls that don't wear makeup at work (in the bank, office, restaurant)?

I see that most guys on this site prefer girls with no makeup on. So you think that girls should not wear makeup at work too? For instance you are in aStarbucks and you see a girl that obviously has no make up no what will you assume? she is brave/doesn't take care of herself/doesn't respect people around/natural and that's why attractive? I understand some assumptions sound absurd but who knows )


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  • No what theyre saying is they like really beautiful women without makeup on as opposed to the same woman with makeup on because it looks more natural. (This means nothing of course when talking about the average girl who couldnt pull off a no makeup look because we are so used to seeing all women as beautiful with makeup on) of course i dont care either way no makeup is natural, some makeup is sexy or sophisticated depends on how you do it. And to be completely honest most guys can't tell if a girl has makeup or no makeup on if you just leave out your eyes. I like a girl who has a little bit of makeup on to accentuate her natural features. But i dont want her to hide under a mask and go crazy with it to the point where she doesn't look like herself. But either way i really dont care if you do or dont because its not me wearing it. And there are plenty of girls that look beautiful with makeup on because they can do it right.


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  • People that don't wear makeup are not necessary more confident then girls who do. I think the issue is how much girls wear these days i. e. false eyelashes and fake tan for everyday.
    I wear makeup and have done since I was 18. When I'm going out for the night I do like wearing more eyeliner/ shadow then I would in the day.


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  • She is self confident, satisfied and original
    either she is a strong woman or a broken one

  • I think I wanna bang them.


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