Anyone else like me?

I had whitish blone hair as a kid, by time it darkened and now I don't know what my hair color is.

People usually define me ''blonde''. But my hair color changes depending on the lightning. It looks brownish or blondish, I can't decide whether I'm blonde or brunette. It's like a mix of light brown and dark blonde.

Anyone has hair like that?

By the way, I have a friend who I think has brown hair (medium), but she claims her hair turns blonde in light. I thought she was making it up, but I saw a photo of her that her hair looked blonde (hair was also wet).

So maybe that's happening to everybody and I should call myself brunette? :D


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  • It's very common for a kids hair to darken over time.

    From your description I would say your hair is what's called "dirty blond"

    Sun will also lighten your hair in the summer.

    • Too bad that there's no word for ''dirty blonde'' in my language :D

      My ends are lighter, so I guess yeah sun does lighten my hair :)

  • You are lucky because in that case you can call yourself whatever you want.


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