Buying clothes - Cheapskate's nightmare What to do?

I admit it , as a guy... I'm frightened by the idea of shopping for clothes.

The only time I actually bought something upstream of my own volition was a year ago when I bought a pair of nifty Desert Boots at Marks and Spencer.

Recently I was ORDERED by someone to "get my shit together" and I'm expected to start caring about my clothes.

I have absolutely NO IDEA how much should decent clothes cost cos all my clothes are quite frankly... kinda cheap.

So... here I am.
What do?
I've been updating myself on the current male fashion trends and I have to say... the new men's fashion is either quite... androgynous or reminds me of Mr Rogers.

I need some ideas... something to put my finger on and say... THAT without looking like I came from the 60s.

Any ideas?


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  • Try Ross, Marshalls, or TJ Max. They sell brand name clothes for a cheaper price. Unfortunately at those stores you have to look through racks. Target has some decent clothes, even Walmart. At Walmart you have to go as soon as their new shipment comes in because the good stuff will go fast.


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  • Why don't you ask your bro or family members to do buy them for you. I mean you can pay them the money and they can choose the clothes for you

  • I hate shopping, so I found an awesome huge thrift store that i go to. Set a day aside. Think of clothes as an investment. Try some collared shirts, cardigans or sweaters, and a blazer. If it looks too 60s don't buy it.


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