Are we boys and girls showing off?

we often see every one doing different style mostly girls we can go outside in simple dressing but mostly girls n boys prefer fashion different styles to show ourselves that we are rich or we are unique or to impress or something like that?


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  • I most of the time wear jeans and a t-shirt. Jeans are comfy and i like the logos/designs on the shirts. I still get asked out by guys. So basically, i wear what i want because i like it.


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  • Yeah. I do it because it makes me feel good. For me if you feel good, you do good. Then doing good makes you feel good makes you feel good, and it kind of repeats. all of this because I felt good because I dressed nicely. You should try it sometime, it always improves my day.

    • but there now in modern age i think some fashions are too ugly like hairstyles or dresses i think they dont look good on us then why we do that styles...

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    • that what i am talking about :) we should go with average styles not too odd and ugly like forwrd world :)

    • I got you now. My dad for example doesn't buy a lot of stuff, but what he has makes a great core set. He looks absolutely great when he goes out.
      I feel like people that look flamboyant when they dress are covering up something. They are hiding a fault of some kind.
      I think people should at least try to look nice, but a simple nice.

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  • I just don't want to look ridiculous.

    • but sometime we do such fashion which we think is best n latest but i think they are worst... huhhh

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