Is it ok for a guy to wear semi-tight jeans? They're not like jeggings, however, they're not very loose?

I wore semi-tight jeans to school, and people called me gay for wearing them (I'm not)... I wanted to know if girls thought they looked good on guys. Like I said, they're not super tight, but they're not super loose.


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  • I like them! My brother doesn't wear anything but them. And the people who are calling you gay are just stupid bullies that fight their boredom by making fun of somebody. Maybe they'll deserve your attention once they actually learn how to be clever and not throw stupid words in the hopes of sounding cool. ;)


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  • Some guys can make it work but some can't like my brother can but I look at my friend and he can't post a picture in the update to explain I can't really picture it

  • I like em but depends on the guy wearing them


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