What do European - American guys think of Lebaneese girls?

Only for curiosity, I would like to know what do you think of them in general. Do you look for knowing them better, or only the outlook thing?


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  • why are you looking for an american - european

    • Who is asking questions? and what exactly is yours?

    • I'm a middle eastern and I went nervous when I read your question, why would you want attraction from western guys, because of your nationality? what makes you better than arab girls from other nationalities? and another thing, that is, western or eastern guys don't reallu care that much, it's your personality and who you are what matters, and they can't really tell if you're lebanese or jordanian, men who address women by their nationalities are racist

    • Ok I see. thank you for your concern, your point of view is very true but I have the curiosity to know more about other nationalities what they think of us. and by this subject I am not underestimating any nationality, either the arabs nor others.

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