Could I pull off a cowboy hat? Does it matter where I live?

I have really nice, granite grey, Reistol Tycoon cowboy hat that I got brand new at a yard sale a couple of years ago. I really like the hat, but 1) I live in upstate New York 2) I've never worked on a farm, or ridden a horse, and 3) I'm a little worried about what others reaction to it will be. I've seen other people wear cowboy hats up here, but they are smaller and black.

I'd wear the hat with a suit, or a plaid shirt, jeans, and my leather boots. My grandfather, uncle and cousion all used to wear cowboy hats and they lived in NYC and never rode a horse.

I'm six foot two and a half, have dark brown hair and blue eyes. Given my size, features listed, and location could I get away with a cowboy hat?

What will people probably think?

P. S. I also wear things like ivy caps, 1950's/ 40's style fedoras, and bowlers (with suits), plaid sport coats, bow ties, 50's style biker jackets, ww2 style boer jackets with fur collar, and button on suspenders. I'm OK with being a little different in my style.

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  • if anyone questions you, all you have to say is, "what? its functional and i like it"


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  • Please don't. It's not a good look


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  • I wanted one myself and faced what your facing. I live in Miami and Its hard to pull it off no one wears them

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