Do you have a favourite hairstyle? Does it differ for a "classy" or a "casual" look?

Feel free to post one or more URL's. Can be a picture of yourself but certainly no obligation, there are many many pics available on the web.

Mine is always short, like this. When I need a classy look I tend to use a little more conditioner... my hair is fairly lightweight. The pic is not me but his hair is very similar.


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  • Just take a look at my avatar. hahaha

    • Oh yes I like that pic, it was also funny that one day you showed us your face and the next day this pic.
      It's a very very nice hairstyle you know, many girls would be jealous and few guys would not find it attractive!

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    • Yeah but without the intention to be flattering you: it's a very fresh look. I could really imagine your profile pic to be the cover pic of a movie recorded on the beach of an exotic island :-)

    • Thanks (blushes)

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  • Something like this

    Or this

    Not sure what to classify it as. ^.~

    • Hahaha, that's extremely casual... or a to-be electrician who's had a little accident :-)

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    • I like your hairstyle too, seems
      very proffesional and comfortable. ^.^

    • Oh yes, a simple, nice look and easy maintenance.
      It's also a bit of a must for me. As soon as my hair gets longer than 2 cm it's greasy and I urgently need a haircut.

  • I always just shave my head or let it grow long. I'm not into hairstyles.

    • Thanks for sharing that choice - what we have in common is: I'm also into low maintenance haircuts :-)

    • Yes! I'm sure I'd look great with some hairstyles that need to be "maintained," but I just can't be bothered to care about dead cells growing out of my head.

    • Agree! I think it's because we're male... females like their hour in the bathroom haha :-)

  • No and No.

    • Haha, so you change frequently? Or you let it fall as it falls?

    • The latter.

    • I see! That means that I have 2 min more work in the morning. Thanks for your answer :-)