How to grow out a pixie?

It's all in the title. Any tips girls? Unless you guys have advice as well ;)


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  • Just keep the hairline around the neck trimmed up so it doesn't look all mullet-y while the rest grows out. It'll look natural until the rest matches up in length, then you'll basically have a chin-length bob. (I've done it so I know. ;)) good luck!

    • Thank you!!

    • You're welcome! ! And thank YOU for MHO! :D

    • haha, my pleasure! ♥

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  • The key is to get the sides to the same length as the back. So, don't get any haircuts except to trim the back of your hair to let the sides catch up, and possibly your bangs if you have any. You can even do this at home with scissors or like a beard trimmer/electric razor. After a couple of months you should be able to tuck the side bits behind your ears. Play around with accessories like cute hair clips and headbands which are also practical for keeping the side pieces behind your ears. Play with texturizing sprays to give it some life.
    Keep letting it grow, trimming the back to prevent a mullet. Once the sides end up the same length as the back, congratulations! You've made it past the worst part. Now you can get it layered a bit and styled to look like a bob if you'd like, and let it grow from that point to however long you'd like.
    Realistically you're looking at about 10-12 months for it to reach below-the-chin bob length, depending on how short your pixie is to start with. Mine was very very short, like half an inch long all over, and it's taken me 11 months to get to a mid-neck length lob.

  • I have seen this done.

    These are your new friends:

    • *Sigh* aahh well I was hoping I'd have to avoid those, *whispers* they're evil

  • Wtf is a pixie?

  • You just let it grow out

  • Isn't the pixie haircut that new "Can I speak to a manager?" type of haircut from those memes? lol

    • Lmao! Nope a bit shorter than those xD

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    • Well you can do it. Don't give me any excuses

    • Bahaha!! xD

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