Is this a cute "ski bunny" outfit?

I've been asked to go skiing next week when the mountain opens. I've never skied before but this guy at work wants to teach me. :) Is this a nice outfit, it's pretty much my warmest clothes :)


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  • Let me see... wool inwards towards the skinn, good. You'll need that.
    However you should consider getting some slalom socks. You simply can't use regulat socks, it's too cold! Trust me on that.
    Then we got fleece, also good. But why two fleece jackets? There needs to be some room between each clothing, or else it'll just be cold. I'd recomend only wearing one of them when skiing. Because with a wind proof and thick outter jacket and wool towards the skin you only realy need one fleece jacket (hell, i oftentimes skip the fleece).
    Then we got a thick jacked and pants, also obligatory. Good, you'll need it.

    Hm... mittens? Good idea, they're warmer than gloves so unless you need to move each finger individually mittens are ideal (i like gloves better, but that's just me). But the gloves? please tell me you're not intending to use those when skiing. Sure, fleeze is warm, but to mee they seem too tight to insulate anything. But if they're for use when not skiing, they seem ideal.
    For skiing you need something like this:

    Lastly i'd say you should include a blaclava. While skiing you'll HOPEEFULLY be using a helmet, and no way you'll get that hat under a helmet. And with only a helmet your ears will freeze, possibly also your chin. And that's where the open face balaclava is REALLY helpfull. It fits sunggly under the helmet and keeps your ears and chin warm (or at least warmer). Though the hat does look good for when not skiing.

    Well, that's the practical evaluation. I live in norway and skiis every winter, so i should know this shit by now XD

    As for looks, it looks good. Stylish, cute, and simple, while practical. Nothing too flashy that makes you stand out and scream "rich girl who can't skii, but needs to wear fashion". I'd say that save for what I pointed out, it looks pretty damn good :)
    Wait, did you check you can get the pants over the ski boots? Because you should REALLY do that! If not, you get snow in your boots. Also it's a lot more comfortable

    • oh fuck, i forgot. Get a back plate! Seriously, if you can rent one for a decent price, then frigin do so!
      Mine has saved my life at least once!

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  • Yeah it looks cute, made me smile when I pulled up the page:)

    • Thanks so much! I love the color :) :)

      Have you skied before? Do you think it's too many layers though? I think it's just right since I get cold easily, but I'm a newbie!

    • Its always better to have too much clothing than too little, so its def fine:)

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  • Eh, it's okay. Nothing catchy about it. Like, it doesn't really have anything that would bring my attention to it.

  • I like the outfit... forest green has always been one of my favorite colors.

  • Very cute! I love the green color (:

    • Thanks!!! It's not too many layers? I get cold easily but I think this will be perfect. :)

    • No definitely not! It's always better to have more layers than too little layers!

  • its fine
    good luck

  • Very cute.

    • Thanks! I thought it might be a too many layers, but as long as it looks cute, thanks!!

    • Layers will only be a problem when he is ripping them off you.

    • and when you're warm as hell because you put too many layers on, and when it's restraining movement. When skiing you'll want as few layers as possible wihout it getting cold.

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