Does toothpaste really remove scuff marks from leather?

So I have my favorite pair of leather ballerina flats and to my horror I scuffed one shoe a bit, I heard from some friends that toothpaste helps, of course I will google it but wanna hear from you all. Wonder if that's true cause my shoes weren't that cheap and would hate to ruin them, really love my shoes.


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  • You can use toothpaste but you would need to use water after and that messes up leather so if you use baby oil though that really works

    • Baby oil seems safer, never heard of that one, but as for the toothpaste do I scrub it in the leather or just gently massage it? =:3

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    • Anytime good luck

    • Thanks for MHO!!!

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  • try it and find out other wise there always leather polish

    • Too scare to try, might end up getting leather polish once I stop been so cheap he he he =XD

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