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Okay so there's a school dance coming up and I always wore black so this year I was looking for a red dress. I haven't found one yet and a friend of mine still has her dress from last year. It's dark purple, all the. way downt to the floor and with long sleeves. It's very pretty, kinda like a fairy. But then a few friends and my grandma started being really negative about the length. So what do you guys think? It is true that most girls come as sluts. And what do guys think about the length?
Help me with this. dress please!!


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  • I think it should at least show some skin. For example if you want a long dress, don't buy one with long sleeves as well. Or if you want it to be long and have long sleeves, then buy one with an open back. But personally I think long dresses are too mature/formal for a school dance.

    • Okay thanks :) it is for Christmas though.. Today I showed the picture to more friends and they thought it was really cool. I'll just try it on and see..

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