I bought a crop top... I have no idea if I look good in it. Please let me know your opinions.. girls please!?

I have no idea if this looks good on me or not. I'm going to skream concert soon.. and I wanted to wear this.


that's my pic

I put it up as my dp for the website because I can't seem to make it work.


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  • link not found

    • it suits you and your personality, i think your hubby will be jealous because of the attention ull get

    • haha oh dear.. it's going to be an interesting night. Hope he doesn't freak on the actual night we are out.. the place we are going to is kind of a rave out place.. so no fancy dress. Lots of crop tops there but pretty sure he will feel better when he sees I'm not the only one dressed like this. Thanks! :) hopefully it looks good in pics

    • hope u post the pics here... we gagers can't all be there but we can at least feel like we were a part of it
      and trust me, he would be super protective off you. Because guys will be lining up for you and he being himself lol will be like hey this is my WIFE

  • I think it looks hot

  • I didn't like it :s sorry


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