I need help , I'm A guy and I wanna try to use makeup... ya so what is the best to use?

why am i asking this,. will i wanna try something new and try new looks. you only live once so why not make the best of it.

Is there a difference between expensive makeup brands and cheap ones?
  • Mac
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  • Sephora
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  • Maybelline
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  • CoverGirl
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  • i work at Sephora i can give you a discount.. or send you things for free to try

    • i would like that.. but i can't just take for free that would be wrong of me

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    • omg really but that's way to kind of you. know one ever been that kind

    • ill inbox you for things that you would like to try

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  • Expensive makeup has better quality than cheap makeup, obviously. Maybelline and L'orĂ©al cosmetics are one of my favorites because they are cheap and have really good quality. Mac is amazing, so is Lancome.

    Hey, can we be best friends? Lol

  • Both mac and sephora are good but for the lower end ones, I think Covergirl is better than Maybelline. by the way what do you mean by makeup? Foundation, or the whole package?

    • the whole package :P

    • Okay well, I think you should get either mac or nars. But for the best prices and basically mac & nars quality you could get Too Faced products. Good luck :)

    • thank you

  • I think mac and sephora should be good. I don't like maybelline.

    • i think sephora and mac are my winners to try :) what do you think will be the most hardest thing to put on will be

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    • no problem. u try cc cream?

    • No not yet but I wanna try

  • Almay and loreal are my favorites, sometimes covergirl for eyeshadow. Whatever you end up using, put moisturizer on first. A lot of people make that mistake and their makeup ends up looking really dry and caked on.


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