Why most girls think that models are lanky?

I've seen some question of the type "Am i too short for a model?" "Am i too heavy for a model?"

Actually that's wrong... if you go to modelmayhem, then you'll see that you can find every sze ou want... from 4'10" to 6'10" and from 80 pounds to 380 pounds.

So why girls always think that a typical model is 6' and 120 pounds?


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  • It depends on the type of model. The most popular models are like what @Iron_Man posted.

  • The fact that there are 'models' of all shapes and sizes does not mean that fashion modelling typically uses models of all shapes and sizes.

  • I did catalog modeling from like 5 to 17. My mom and dad both modeled. My dad did stuff like lawn mower shots and stuff with cars and motorcycles. He is the most successful in the family.
    Male models are really rare, especially over 30.
    As you get older the tougher the competition gets. Super intense as a developing teen.
    If you expect to get paid anything on a consistent basis, slim is in, as is tall for your age.
    At 14 my career peaked. :)
    At 19 I rarely get any calls except from biker magazines and semi nude but no sex internet sites.

  • Because it's the most aesthetically pleasing. That's their job and that's the business. Fat people can whine and whine all they want but no one wants to see cellulite and rolls. You wouldn't hire a blind person to be a pilot or a taxi driver, right? Same deal.

    • not for all guys. personally i prefer tall yet thicker girls

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    • Lol that's so disgusting and pathetic. I have yet to know a guy who likes fat girls. I live in a wealthy city though so I suppose we have higher standards. But I do want to add though that modelmayhem is not a site of models it's people who want to be models. That's why there's such a variety... Most of them aren't actually legitimate models just people aspiring to be. Two of my friends have profiles but niether of them are models, they are too short so they cannot get work.

    • haven't you ever learned you should respect somebody's else taste?

      there are many guys who don't want a broomstick, get over with this.

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