Girls need help about outfit?

Should i wear this
Or something else


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  • I think that outfit is adorable! Love the skirt and top. But it depends where you are going if your just out shopping that may not be the best choice but if you are going to a party it might be better to wear it there. :D

    • Yeah just like shopping really what else could i wear tho @Ladypurpleheart

    • I would keep the top but take away the skirt. I know it might be a hard thing to do since the skirt is cute but I think it's just more of a party style skirt. The top is fine though I like the flowy style and the crop cut. Or if you don't wanna lose the skirt you can change outfits alltogether. I'm guessing its hot where you live so maybe a maxi dress or just a regular light material dress. Hope this helped :D

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