What is a good example of the average Israeli women?

I find her quite attractive. Is she a good example of the average women in Israel or she's more like model quality?
  • She's a good example of the average.
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  • She's model quality.
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  • She got tits. Don't put her on pedestal.
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  • Whatever she is, she's hot.
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  • See Results.
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Some more opinions :p


Most Helpful Guy

  • I voted D. There are some really beautiful women in that neck of the woods!


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  • Not average in my opinion.
    I've never been there but have 2 good friends that grew up there in a Kibbutz.
    They are well educated and sophisticated, but love it here in the USA. One' s in her last year of med. school.
    Neither one of them have boobs like that.
    They look enhanced to me anyway, and not natural.

    • Well she's kinda thick, so they could be natural.

    • Nope! Waay too round.
      Definitely implanted.

    • Wait, so tits can never be that round naturally lol?

  • Look at dem manipulative eyes!

    • Manipulating me to look at dem tits.

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