Could you please help me to select a pair of shoes?

I want a pair of shoes for everyday wearing and want it to be both smart and comfortable. I'm thinking of oxfords but not sure yet.
By the way the color would be black due to my pants' color.


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  • What's your budget, and how formal or casual do you intend to wear it (should it be able to crossover, in other words)?

    • Around $100 and I dress formal most the time so not a big fan of sneakers' look.

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    • I can add another $50 if find something especial. And thanks you help a lot.

    • Not a problem.

      Also, if you are looking for something without laces, you could always get loafers, or even monk straps (which are my preference).

      Check these out, these are monk straps with broguing:

      And it's worth considering adding brown shoes, they're much better for casual dress than black and match with a wide variety of clothing (my personal favorite is brown shoes, dark-wash jeans with a button-up and sportcoat)

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