I'm just wondering if girls only see what the media tells them men like and don't realize many men like a large variety of shapes sizes and colors?

recently I've been saying "girls only see what the media tells them men like and not what most men actually like"

I was wondering what GaGers on here think about that.


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  • Younger people tend to lack confidence, so they fixate on what "people in the know" tell them they're supposed to like.

    Goes both ways. Some men develop unrealistic expectations based upon what they see in... let's stick with "media". Some women develop unrealistic expectations based upon what they see in romcoms.

    Personally, I think building a sense of self is the way to go. Develop your mind. Find your bliss. Push yourself. Run in a marathon or donate time to a charity. Create a multi-dimensional person, rather than simply a shallow image. Confidence? That's what's sexy. Love yourself and people will follow.

    • I agree 100%. men see these "perfect" women and think it's easy and normal. I'm glad I was able to look at the girls when I was in high school and learned myself to like girls in my own way.

      by romcoms do you mean unrealistic romance movies? in so many of those the male characters would be creeps and stalkers.

      that's interesting. teaching children to become their own person and feel free to express their selves in ways they want.

    • Oh yeah. Romantic movies where the guy is running to the airport to stop his lady love. Sleepless in Seattle. Diary of Bridget Jones. Just Like Heaven. Most men aren't that romantic, or wouldn't express in that way, but young women have been conditioned to EXPECT that behavior, so they always wind up disappointed when their relationship isn't a fairy tale.

      I think passionate, complex people are sexy. Looks well only carry you so far, and they inevitably fail. I mean, my husband is just as sexy to me at 40 as he was at 20, but eventually he'll be an old man and its a good thing I love his mind, right?

      In my 30s I finally realized what I wish I'd have known in my younger days- it doesn't MATTER if you're perfect. Everybody is different. Love yourself, be kind to yourself, and to thine own self be true. Fuck the haters.

    • passion is very important as well as being comfortable with your self.
      I do agree that looks can only go so far, if you have nothing in common and only hang out because "your suppose to" it generally won't last.

      recently I've come to like who I am and do wish I was "myself" when I was in high school as I was quite shy back than. maybe I was always an introvert (only learned the word in the past few years)

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  • Yeah like I see on the movies and TV like everywhere girls have to be skinny with big boobs and have a butt, I mean I have even thought about getting boob job because I feel mine are small and guys don't like that. I want to look perfect for guys you know but its hard to look like those models.

    • that's a perfect example of what the "media" likes. I'm among the type who like smaller boobs but the media doesn't want that.

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    • that's to bad as from my point of view the media has messed up views when it comes to a lot of topics.

    • well what do you mean

  • Yes, I figured that out in my freshman year of high school. Thanks photography and media class.

    • that's pretty cool. I'm glad that there are a few girls who know the difference.

  • I don't think women have any clue. When they ask online I think they believe we are just telling them what they want to hear.

  • unfortunately that's true in MANY girls :-(

  • Media tells me men love skinny skinny girls, my life tells me men love my feminine curves, humps bumps and lady lumps :)
    So no, never have believed them and probably never will. If I did believe them, I'd probably feel like shit how many other girls do, but luckily I believe people in my real life and listen to the compliments I get.
    I'll never look like an air brushed model with pics taken in the perfect lighting, nobody will, so who cares.

    • that's good to hear. how you view your self is most important 2nd are people around you who you want to get along with.

    • That's exactly it. If you spend your life trying to live up to others expectations, you'll probably never be happy.

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