What do you do to your hair to keep it nice?

Like after washing your hair, what do you put on to keep it really nice.

I have dry hair, so it is kind fuzzy after I dried my hair.

BTW, my skin is kind sensitive because of my acne. I used to have acne in top of my head when I got very stressful. I think I have to be careful compared to other people
I also, heard that it is bad to dry hair with towels right after getting out of shower, rather hair should be dry by air, why?


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  • Find a good conditioner that works for your type of hair. Get something that hydrates really well, and maybe a leave-in conditioner would be good. You could also try deep conditioning with extra virgin olive oil. That works really well! :) Just pour the olive oil in your hands and massage it deeply into the roots of your hair and work your way to the ends of it. Put a shower cap or cover your hair (only your hair, not your entire head) with a plastic bag and leave it in for 15-30 minutes, and then wash it out. You should deep condition about 2 times a week. If needed, try buying some smoothing serum if there is any frizz.


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  • I use expensive shampoo and conditioner that my hair stylist has recommended and I really like those products. You said that your hair was dry make sure your using a deep conditioner because that will give your hair more moisture and don't use many heat products on them because then the hair will be dry and damaged over time.

  • Shampoo every other day. Use conditioner after you shampoo and then use a leave in conditioner after you shower.


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  • So for you, I wouldn't suggest drying it.

    I would also suggest you use a moisterizing shampoo with a partnered conditioner.

    Use the conditioner twice a week, and wash you hair every other day if you're not very active, or every day you work out or are involved in strenuous activity.

    You can also add almond oil as a treatment once a week to help with keeping your scalp moist and healthy.

    • It would be bad for you, because you would essentially wipe out all the conditioner you just put in.

      What I do is pat dry the excess water off, and leave my hair to the elements for the rest of the drying.

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