90's inspired clothing for curvy girls?

I have some curves but I'm too skinny for plus size fashion, but sometimes I'm also too curvy for 'regular' sized clothes. Im looking for an online clothing store that sells 90's inspired fashion or vintage clothing for all kinds of sizes and that ships to Europe . Please help me out here!


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  • Ik weet niet of het precies jou style is maar dit zijn mijn 2 favoriete sites shopjeen. com en nastygal. com


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  • I don't know what 90's inspired fashion looks like, but i remember what actual 90s fashion looked like.

    Band shirt, leggings, army surplus pants cut off into shorts, open flannel shirt over the top, lace up boots.

    • This is actually perfect for someone with curves, too.

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    • I can't remember if it was hitting by the late 90s, though I kind of think no... really everything was low waisted in the 90s, certainly in the first half and middle.

    • I wasn't even born yet in the early 90's but I'm pretty sure at that time the majority of bottoms was high waisted, because in the late 80's everything was high waisted and early 90's came right after that. I think in the mid or after mid 90's the first low waisted bottoms came.

  • It's called a charity/thrift shop. All the 90's clothes are in there, where they belong!

    God I feel old... 90's retro...

    • Yeah I know what it's called, but they have second hand clothing there so they dont necessarily have the item I want in my size, they mostly buy the skinny/regular sizes to hang in their stores.

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