I don't like music. A user told me that I am "boring" because of this. Is this necessarily true?

"Any person that does not like things that are music is boring.
You do not like things that are music.
Therefore you are boring."

Do girls like guys who don't like music or do they think they are boring?
  • Logically speaking that is sound.
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  • Logically speaking that is valid, but not sound.
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  • Logically speaking that is not valid or sound.
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  • Logically speaking that's not logical.
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  • Logically speaking logically there is the logical logistics of the logey.
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  • Logically speaking, I have never heard of any person who didn't like ANY TYPE OF MUSIC. Music is VAST. There are SO MANY GENRES, even Metal has like 20 subgenres, no joke! From doom to death through gothic including black and folk and viking and power and thrash and symphonic and even the odd-ball "avantgarde", that's just one particular subset of music while there's many from jazz through dance to classical and I could go on!

    I actually hate jazz. I think it's horrible. But there are so many good music in the world that it just seems awfully silly to dismiss all of it. ALL OF IT.


    14:51, psychill by Zymosis


    Chiptune by Auxcide


    Neoclassical black metal by Wilds Forlorn


    Folk/"Dark" Metal by Agalloch

    But then there are artists who create their music purely by electronic sounds like this guy:
    There is so much potential for change, so many genres, so many songs that don't conform - you just have to look!

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3uNNh573fY this is the last link, listen from 1:09 O. O IT'S INSANELY AMAZING WOW

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    • I somewhat hope I helped and you found at least one of these to your liking :)

    • Woo! So what's your favorite music? :P or what will you claim your favorite music to be? :D

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  • I think its just strange to hear because there are sooooooo many types of music. So to say you like none isn't necessarily boring but shows character

    • What character traits does it show?

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    • I didn't mean to.

    • Thats ok, it happened either way

  • Personally I want a girl who loves music. I don't care what it is but I want a girl who loves music & wants to listen to it with me.

    I love music & a girl not liking music would be a minus.

  • How about this logic?

    A) Boring is kind of the opposite of entertaining
    B) Music is a common form of entertainment
    C) There are many other forms of entertainment

    B is a subset of C.
    NOT C implies NOT B
    NOT B does not imply NOT C
    Therefore NOT B does not imply NOT A

    OK that's pretty nerdy, but you were asking what's logical. :D

    The less nerdy answer is that the large majority of people find music entertaining. But there are lots of forms of entertainment. Almost nobody wants to listen to music 24/7, yet they can still be entertained without music.

  • i am that guy :-PPPP

    and yes i find it hard to believe that there isn't even a SINGLE genre that you like

  • Do you enjoy any forms of art?

  • I think you're fine.

    • That's wonderful! \o/

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