What clothes should I wear?

So I'm going out drinking with a few of my cute guy friends next week and I want to know what you think I should wear. I have a few ideas, I just would like suggestions :)

For the top I was thinking about either wearing a low cut white cami with a blue cardigan or else a light blue button down. I usually tend to get pretty flirtatious with these guys, so I was leaning toward the button down so I could let out some cleavage.

For my hair, I was either going to straighten it and leave it down, or else put it in a pony tail or a bun. What do you think?

Since we are going out drinking and bar hopping and stuff, I was going to wear a pair of leggings that I have that are fairly see through as my bottoms. I just need help deciding which thong to wear, because you'll be able to see it through the leggings. I was going to wear either my lime green and blue striped thong, or else my orange thong with purple polka dots. Don't just say that I'm being slutty or something because I don't usually wear leggings that thin unless I'm going out like this. Also, If I chose to wear the button down, I have matching bras to both of those thongs so I would make sure I wear a matching set and unbutton the button down enough so that you could see the top of my bra.

Let me know what you guys think! Thanks for the feedback :)


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  • No mater the clothes you should go braless and commando. You'll look awesome that way.


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  • I didn't see anything in there about what shoes you were going to wear...


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  • No clothes are the best clothes. Giggity

  • Okay, what color are your eyes? That will help.

    • Warmer or colder skin tone?

    • Brown hair and brown eyes

    • Blues, greens, and purples are really complimenting with brown eyes and hair. Also gold! For the thing do whatever goes best with the outfit. You want colors that will make your eyes and hair pop for the shirt and makeup. A bun or loose curls are very stunning

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