What kind of outfit would these shoes look good with? PS. I own them and I need ideas on what would look good! Help girls please!?

I have a few outfits set up.. but I'm open to ideas!

Here is the better link



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  • Those are really cute! They would look great with slacks, stylish jeans, a knee length dress with a scarf and leather jacket! Plenty of things

    • A cute plaid shirt and skinny jeans!

    • The event will be packed, a shirt like that would make me sweat so much! But I'll stick to jeans. I also have a pair of tight skinny leather jeans in black.

    • That would look amazing with those tank top looking shirts with a studded collar and sheer back

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  • side skirts, fitted jeans would be perfect but if you can manage mermaid skirts in red or pink then you would justice with these amazing shoes

    • I have fitted jeans ! I was thinking those.. Yeah.. best shoes I have ever bought

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    • Hahah thanks!! Ur a fashonista now lol I guess jeans will do.

    • its sad to be one
      can't see how you would look nor the ones who i have given advices previously
      its like im doomed to be the guy who tells woman how to look elegant yet never get to see them

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