Do men like women they find beautiful less, or shy from her if they find out she is divorced or has a child?

When I was 19 I married a guy who turned out to be very mean. We are divorced now and have 2 girls. He is completely out of the picture and I was wondering if I get hit on a lot and finally met someone that is playing flirting games with me that I like too, but he seems shy, if he, or guys in general will give you a chance if you're divorced?


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  • Well to the current date being divorced within your 30s is not that unusual at all. The greater "problem" occurs when or how you're going to tell him that you were married once and that you are divorced.

    More men, I think, would find it difficult for you having two children. Because this is a factor they are just not used to. Being nice to children, being the good man at all times they will look up to. Maybe he's even thinking something like "Well, she does have two children, so will she probably not have one with me, too?"

    Not this is a bit of bad-painting, but are options he could think of. But I wouldn't get too troubled over this because every person is different. I wouldn't have any problems at all with a girl having children. Now at my age it's somewhat different, but the girl I adore right now is 26 and if she were to have children, I'd have no problem with it, in fact this would be a plus-point for me because I think I would get along with them pretty well. Playing the "good daddy" ^^

    Just ask him to meet sometimes, have dinner or whatever and see how it goes..


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