What is your style of music and do record or promote?

I'm in the music business and just the other day a music supervisor wrote back saying she will be listen my music to see if anything fits. she a music supervisor for big films.

I promote myself and will making a living from music placements in film.

tell about your music life and would attempt a carrier in it? whats your style?


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  • I've played bass for a little over 30 years. Back in the 80's I played in a few cover bands. Usually top forty or "hair" metal. the popular stuff at the time. It was only for fun, make a few bucks. Give people something to dance to. Just good time stuff all around.

    I still occasionally play in bands. But because of my job, working 12 hour rotating shifts, It's difficult to do. Most bands are playing on weekends. I work those.

    Now it's just hobby playing and taking on the occasional kid who wants lessons. I enjoy taking a song and working out how to play the bass lines and the guitar lines at the same time.

  • should you not learn English first

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