Im new to shopping... please help?

i am transgender and my breast are starting to grow i need help with shopping i know im a soon to be girl and this is something i need How to Size a Bra, what Bra Fitting should be, what is the best Bra Styles
also Advice on how to wish them, do i sleep in them i know some girls do and some dont

sorry for asking :(


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  • And specialty store like Victorias secret or lane Bryant can do a proper fitting. I would reccomend doing that so you know you are getting the right size. Then they can give you a few different types of bras to try on and see what is most comfortable for you. Personally I like no wire bras with little padding. But it's different for all. I do not sleep in my bra however some girls do.
    Best of luck


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  • You could get sized at somewhere like Victoria's Secret for a bra and it probably wouldn't be all that comfortable to sleep in, so I wouldn't

    • what is getting fitted like

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    • thank you ill ask them if that will be the best option for me :)

    • You're welcome :)

  • go to bra store and ask for a fitting.


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