Fast hair growth: Inversion method, does it work?

GIRLS: have you ever tried the inversion method for fast hair growth, and if so what were the results? did your hair grow 2 inches/ 5 cm in one week, or no difference?
I want to try it out this week and i saw some positive stories on YouTube but i'm still a bit skeptical. please let me know!
  • I tried it and it worked! (how much did you grow and what oils did you use?)
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  • I tried it and didn't work, it's a load of crap
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  • I haven't tried it yet but I am going to
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  • Never heard of it/Never tried it
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  • Im trying right now hairtru i got it in the mail 2 days ago and i think its already working! They have a instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and a website! hairtru. com


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  • Could you explain what the inversion method is please? :D I'm actually trying to grow mine out long again.

    • everyday for one week in a month you massage your scalp with oil (coconut, castor, or olive oil) for 5 minutes, then you "invert" yourself by hanging upside down on your chair for 4 minutes while massaging your scalp. And you wash the oil out. Apparently if you do that everyday for a week you are supposed to grow 2 inches/4 cm of hair. I want to try it out, but i'm afraid it won't work :/ hair is the video where i found it from:

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