Did these girls find me attractive? I'm not used to this attention, lol, but should I ask the one girl out?

I was getting some fast food today, I didn't find the girl attractive, but the cashier was making my food and asked if I wanted a drink... I didn't think I had the money... Now this girl has been working when I've been there before, and she's always treated me super nice.

Anyways the girl was like "Don't worry, the drinks on me."

I mean, could she find me attractive? I don't normally get this treatment... I've tried to be more sociable and confident when I'm in public lately tho.

Either way, it was really a good confidence boost.

Also... I saw this other girl at a store working and we both made eye contact and both quickly looked away after we did... And I found her very attractive, so I went in to get a second look a second or so later, and she looked again too! and we locked eyes momentarily again and, again, looked away quickly, like a nervous reaction or something...

Could SHE have found me attractive? I asked someone about the incident and they were like "she was totally checking you out!" but I don't know for sure... What do you all think?

I think she looks very nice, and pretty, and she seems a little shy. The kind of girl I want! I really want to ask her out, but that was the first time I ever saw her and I don't know her. How can I act fast but still not seem creepy?

I've always been really shy and lacked confidence, but I'm really trying to improve myself and be more confident and ever since, this has happened... I'm not used to this attention from girls so it's really improving my confidence!

Thanks so much!


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  • The first one may not have found you attractive. Some girls are just nice.

    The second girl, I'm pretty sure she was attracted to you. Try smiling at her, if she smiles back then most definitely get up the confidence to talk to her.


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  • I would think that both girls liked you. If you ask them out, it's not creepy, your just showing your interest in her. You can start with a hello and talk about whatever comes to mind. Don't be afraid and don't hesitate, be yourself and go for it.

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