Do you think this will look nice or not?

My girlfriend is wearing a black dress and a light green neck lace to her formal this weekend. I don't have all of my dress cloths with me at college. I have a navy shirt and I want to get a light green bow tie with navy blue stripes. I would wear brown shoes and corduroy pants. She does think we will look good when we stand next to each other, I think we will. I also have a red and navy blue bow tie with me, if she has a red clutch and has red lip stick on that would also go right?
What are your thoughts on the two?


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  • 1... I don't think you two need to match. it's a school formal not a wedding
    2... I would ask her what her issue is your choice of dress and then maybe you'll have a better understanding of what she is looking for.

    I guess at a formal most people wear a jacket and that may be her issue. but ask her what she had in mind or what she specifically isn't liking about your selection

    • I asked about a jacket, she said no jacket just a tie. I hate wearing a tie with out a sports coat. The issue is that she doesn't think we will look good together. If she just doesn't wear that green neck lace it will go nicely. Yes, I don't think we have to match either.

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    • ugh. sounds stressful. maybe ask her how you are supposed to dress the way she wants without going out shopping... or perhaps you can see if a friend has something you could borrow

    • Yeah its annoying. All my friends are bigger then me so can't do that.

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  • i think she should wear the black dress without the green necklace. tell her to just have the red clutch and red lipstick. wear your navy shirt with a red and navy blue bow tie. with corduroy pants and brown shoes. black shoes would go good too. that would be the best option and it would look nice in my opinion

    • She doesn't have a red clutch with her.

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    • I asked her if she had one she said nope, didn't ask if any of her friends had one.

    • well if she just doesn't wear the green necklace, itll match. maybe a different color necklace.

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  • dude as long as both of you aren't naked its fine


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