Why do men and women here answer more rate me questions when a woman asks a rate me question on here?

Everytime I have noticed that just click on the search bar and just type in "rate me" and read all the females asking rate me questions and the males asking rate me questions a guy will get a few responses and a woman will get on average 10-40 responses a guy on average might get 2-3 responses. And the women rate other women more than they rate guys.

So answer part 2 why do so many women rate other women on here?


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  • The guys here many are thirsty :D

    • and the girls aren't thristy for attention?
      It's quite easy to spot if someone's camwhoring for attention, and i'd say that about 75-90% of all "rate me" questions are camwhoring. So women be thirsty too

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    • thanks for mh

    • Yep what you said made a lot of sense. :)

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  • Two reasons

    1. Guys on here are so thirsty that they overrate the women on here.

    2. Women on here are looking to get their egos boosted by the guys on here that are thirsty like they ate 10 peanut butter sandwiches in a row without anything to drink.


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  • Because girls always get all the attention LOL

    • Agreed

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    • See even u agreed about gus being thirsty ;)

    • Well yeah it's true lol I am thirsty too, but I do a good job at hiding it most of the time some guys just don't hold back lol.

  • Women are more interesting to look at for both sexes. The female body is more special.

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  • We are socially bred to. Females are not only answered more often but answering wrong (read as: "5 or less") is pretty much taboo. You don't speak against women's physical appearances and you support them no matter how much you are lying.

    • That's not true for me at least I don't sugar coat for anybody and have you been reddit? They have no remorse for anybodies feelings male or female.

    • This isn't reddit.

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