Which do you prefer? Man buns or guys with dreads?

Man buns or guys with dreads?
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  • I think both look stupid, dreads especially tell the world your probably some hippy burn out who's "creative and spiritual" and doesn't have a proper job. I don't like long hair on a guy in a similar way to not liking short hair on a girl. lol, I remember seeing this girl who looked like she was really good looking when I was driving along the other day, nice ass and legs and long lustrous blonde hair, when I made it past I looked in the mirror and it was a man!!!

    • Sorry your eyes got caught off guard.. But funny to think you thought a guy's ass was oh-so-fabulous!!!

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    • Okay cause some dude the same age as it says you are keeps posting on my shit and won't show his face. Really annoys me... But why post anonymous about hair? >.<

    • Coz what I said was a bit harsh, by no means the worst I've seen on here (sometimes it's shocking), but I usually like to keep the humor light if I'm showing my face- not contemptuous.

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