Ladies, what body type do you have? And how do you use it to display your best assets when picking clothes?

does your body type affect what type of clothes you buy are there any particular clothes that look really good on you versus ones that you would never wear?


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  • I dress comfortably. I'm not into being "on display."

    • that's very cool. Confident self assured and probably very happy.

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    • I don't know if women know this but leggings are absolutely sexy to us men. Not sure why it just seems to hug your figure and looks great. I can't imagine what you go through to get clothing. I usually just go into a shop and say make me a suit. Then by about a half a dozen ties 3 different shirts and I'm done.

    • I have multiple of the same leggings, in only a few colors. simple. and then I just buy tee when I see one I like.

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  • I I pick big jumpers, hoodies, coats, t shirts etc and wear tights with either shorts or a skirt since I don't like my arms or my waist but I have long legs , I would never wear a belly top I would feel extremely uncomfortable, I even feel uncomfortable when I have something tight around my waist or nothing around my arms

  • I usually just wear skinny jeans and T-shirts
    I'm kind of skinny with some curves, I'm not sure if any particular clothes look good on Me, I wear what I like and what's comfortable

  • Three words: low cut shirts


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