Should I dye my hair? Will dying dry out my hair?

I have virgin hair and would like to try something new. However, my mom is very old fashioned people and keeps saying that dying hair is slutty :/ Not that her opinion matters, but she says she would really mad if I dye my hair. Should I dye it or no? I'm 19. Will dying and bleaching dry out my hair?


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  • Dying your hair is not slutty, but I won't lie: Dying it will eventually dry out your hair. Especially if you decide to dye it blonde. It will always feel different, unless you let your natural hair grow again.

    • Yeah I want to go blonde, not platinum blonde but yeah medium to light blonde, and I have medium brown hair so I will need to bleach and all that damaging stuff. What will it feel like? I've seen some black hair people go blonde and it looks not that bad. I didn't touch it so I don't know. And yes it's not slutty, she's just old fashioned.

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  • Dying hair a darker color can actually make hair healthier. Bleaching it will in fact ruin your hair and I don't recommend you do it. You could try highlighting it as an alternative, but it is not slutty.

  • Well, I've been dying my hair for a year and a half now. And just like yours, my mother doesn't like it... She doesn't say it's slutty but she thinks that it will make my hair dry out blah blah blah. Well, it all depends on what colour you want and the treatment you give your hair afterwards. My natural hair is dark brown and I dyed it dark red. Like I said it's been a year and a half and my hair is perfectly fine. It hasn't dried, it is really long and it looks healthy. But blonde will involve bleaching... And if you choose to do it, make sure you choose a good professional. Don't go to some random place just because it's cheaper. YOU WILL REGRET IT. Bleaching hair is serious business... So, choose carefully. Also, blonde is the colour that needs more treatment and you'll need good products to keep your hair healthy. So make sure you can afford it. Good luck =)


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