When a girl that has a boyfriend holds eye contact with another guy, what does that mean?

there are a few girls that I have seen that have boyfriends and they give me the "if they hold eye contact for more than 3 seconds they are interested in you" sign what does that say about their relationship with their boyfriend?

does that mean that they don't "feel" it with their boyfriend? and they are just with them just for the hell of it or something?

or they still think your cute even though they have a boyfriend ,

or they would like to get to know you because you seem more interesting than their boyfriend

im curious to hear what you guys on here have to say


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  • Eye contact for more than three seconds = interest

    Well, understanding this interest as interest in a relationship would be bullsh*t. Interest means a lot of things, interest is "Aww, he's cute / interesting / funny / ugly / embarrassing / wearing bad clothes"

    It could mean a lot of things. Now extended eye contact sure isn't the most usual thing, but it's normal for guys to check out other girls and it's just the same with girls. They too look at others sometimes without actually thinking too deeply into it!

    And denying this would simply be a lie!