Guys, do you enjoy when your woman uses perfume and makeup?

Guys - You found attractive when your woman uses perfume, and makeup? Where I go is, do you enjoy seeing your woman look pretty and smelling great?
I ask this, because my ex boyfriend used to get mad if I would use any makeup or if I used any type of fragrance.
  • I love seeing my girl looking pretty
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  • No, I don't like when she gets all pretty
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I personally love it. If she takes the time out and effort to really put herself together like that. It shows she takes a lot of pride and care in her appearance and I admire this quality. Although I appreciate it, it's not necessary that she wears makeup. But if she puts extra effort into her appearance just for me it really would make me feel loved and special. It would definitely make me go "wow". I also admit to being a sucker for good perfume. If she wears the right perfume, it's like she has cast a spell on me and my mind is no longer my own. Above all she should do these things because she wants to. It wouldn't make me feel jealous or angry or anything like that.


Most Helpful Girl

  • those things aren't what makes you pretty.


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  • I prefer minimal makeup if any.
    i want to smell my girl, not some designer scent.


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