How to look cute with pixie cut?

I just got a haircut today and I cut it from shoulder length to longish pixie cut. I like it because my stylist put in a beauty product or something and it stopped the frizz! :O
I just recently saw my best friend at the store,,, and it was weird because all she did was say hi to me... And it was extremely obvious that I cut my hair! I doubt she knows it but by not saying anything totally crushed my day :( like... Does it mean she doesn't like it? Another main reason that I got this cut is because my hairs has been falling out... Like a lot. My hair stylist said that cutting it lowers the shed.

All in all I'm a sporty junior high girl with a pixie cut the makes me look like a stylish boy. Yay?


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  • How good a pixie cut looks has a lot to do with things out of your control. For example, a long neck, heart or oval shaped face, and feminine facial features often go best with a pixie.

    There are also things within your control that can look better with one, though. Most of the women I knew that have gotten pixie cuts make an effort to look more feminine when they have one (otherwise it can look overly boyish). That doesn't mean wearing a full face of makeup and only skirts from now on. That could be as simple as switching from baggy jeans to skinnies and/or wearing simple mascara or lipstick.

    You could also simply ask people you're close to for their opinions. There's only so much I can suggest considering I have no idea what you actually look like with it.


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  • Sorry but I can't think of a way. I'm all for longer hair


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