Favorite hair hairstyles on girls/women?

what length do you like? curly/wavy, straight, dyed unnatural colors, big, lots of accessories, etc?

and how do you like to wear your own hair?
just curious. (:
  • anything natural: naturally curly. naturally wavy. naturally straight.
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  • funky colors/styles. such as?
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  • tied up in a bun (or any other up-do).
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  • other. share below.
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  • My hair is past my shoulders and I don't like using heat on it. But my favorite hairstyle was when my hair was hip-length and was naturally straight. I used to wear it in a high ponytail with a streak of blue highlight.

    • whoooa! my hair only grows half way down my back. does it take forever to do your hair when it's so long?

    • Not really. You just need to keep trimming every 4 or 5 months or when the ends get little dry. Trimming increases the speed of hair growth :)

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