What do you think of me based on this photo? Are my looks off-putting?

Based on my photo on here, what would your thoughts on me be? Am I ugly? Average? Other?

Is there anything particular bad looking about me which has lead to me being single my whole life or (unlikely) but anything particularly good.

What do you think of my clothing choice (taking into account, I was on holiday in Mallorca in August) Any tips?
If you want a link to the full photo so it's less blared, just ask.


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  • You look bright, and the color Blue suits you very well. Very good smile. Maybe, the glasses make you look a bit nerdy. But I don't think staying single has gotten anything to do with looks. It all depends on how forgiving and open you are towards others' faults. Hope you understood what I'm trying to say... its possible you have very high standards in looking for a partner.


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