Girls, what is your opinion on shoes that are 4.75 inches high? Shorter girls (those who like to wear heels), do you prefer something higher or lower?

I'm fairly short but I love to wear high heels. I specifically asked opinions on shoes that are 4.75 in. high because there are a lot of cute shoes that are around that height or even higher and I'm just partly bored and curious to know what everyone prefers when it comes to shoes.
Lol thanks everyone for your responses!


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  • I have 5" heels. If I'm going to wear heels, I wear HEELS :p

    And they still only make me as tall as my boyfriend's jaw... sad day.

    I don't wear them very often, but if I'm going to dress up, I wear very big heels.


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  • I love shoes but I don't love the super high platforms. They strike me as kind of trashy still, although I've gotten more used to the look and don't instantly think

    • (What the hell? Half my response disappeared)
      I don't instantly think

    • Alright, this is dumb. I quit. My words disappear. Shoes rock. Buy 'em. Have a good night :)

  • I personally prefer smaller heels because tall ones are so hard to walk in


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