This year I started like a prep instead of a G, was it the right thing to do?

in grade 11 I suddenly lost my all confidence. but now that I dress like a prep it seems to be slowly returning, but I just don't feel right. what should I do?

i do like the way my clothes fit now thou

ill get brands I like, but clothes that fit right

thanks I appreciate it


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  • be who you are. don't dress a certain way because you think it's cool or because you think you should. I personally am not a fan of the G look, but if that's what's you, then dress like a G. don't be anything you're not.


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  • Yeah it's whatever you like. After all your wearing it not them and there's nothing wring with being a g or a prep at all!

  • Seriously don't worry about your image so much.


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