What do you think?

ill tell you a little about myself:

- 6 feet tall

- brown hair its kinda long right now going to get a haircut soon any ideas?

- I am a little chubby about 220

- I have an under bite I know its one of the things I'm going to fix I know its disgusting

- bent nose going to fix that to its gross

- 6 inch penis 5 1/2 girth is that decent? serious question not being an idiot

- and a sweet personality :)

i know it wouldn't help me I know what I want to change about myself

would like criticism and feedback on what I should improve on myself thanks for ur time:)


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  • Hey look, I found your twin: link

    • Hahahaha camilus that's f***ing hilarious man

      i don't use super glue tho

  • Bro...face-wise you're fine, but man you gotta sort out that physique...you don't even need to go gym, just do about 30 push/pull-ups every couple of days for even 1 month...thats all it takes to get a decent body man...btw I'm a straight guy

    • Thanks 20questions I wouldn't care if ur gay lol thanks for the advice I am going to sign up to a gym about fricken time I do something about this chubbiness and get some muscles

      thanks for your time man much obliged!

    • No problem. Actually you don't even need to get a gym membership to get a 'beach body'...seriously I'd say about 3 months doing simple push/pull ups at home and you'll see some good muscle definition, hard work but trust me you would definitely see results!