Which dress do you think I should wear?

I'm having trouble with choosing which dress I should wear tomorrow for my boyfriend's birthday. It's not going to be anything big really just maybe some of his friends and his family. So what do you think, which dress do you like more and think I should wear?

Here are the links:

1.) This one is just the style of one dress I have and it's lightish blue with a gold belt (the belt on my dress is more wide probably 3 inches wide) .It's also spaghetti straps.


2.) This is the same style too except my dress is a cream/white-ish and down at the bottom on the front almost half way up it has flower prints that are pink and brown



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  • I really think both of them are too dressy for the occasion unless you plan on going out to like a five star restaurant for dinner with them. Of the two dresses I definitely like the first one better but I really think you should find something else that isn't as dressy for this occasion. If my girlfriend came to a very casual occasion such as my birthday dressed like that it wouldn't leave a positive impression on me.

    • If you want my impression on just those two dresses though here it is:

      The first dress is what you wear to impress the guys (and maybe get your boyfriend in "that kind of mood" for after the party)

      The second dress is what you wear to impress your fellow girls.

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    • If he said wear something nice that probably means you're going out to a pretty nice restaurant. I'd wear the first one because its sexier whereas the second one is more likely to appeal to girls than to guys.

    • Ok thanks!

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  • I absolutely love the second one! ^.^ Both dresses are really nice, but I think the second one is better. I like the design of the dress and it seems to be more flirty and has more feminine details to it.

    • Thanks I like both of them too and that's one reason why I don't know which one to wear. So you really thinkg I should wear the second one?

    • I think it would look really pretty, so I would personally go with the second dress if I had a choice. But either way, I don't think you could go wrong with either choice. Both dresses are winners! :)

    • Thanks I will go with the second one this time :)

  • number 2 the white one is better.

  • YES I agree with WeaponZero

    I think you should wear the first dress.

    its after all your Boyfriends Birthday party. the second looks good for some kind of casual or you can say your gal friends birthday party lol.

    • Thanks for your opinion. Such a tough decision lol ..hhhmm...i don't know maybe I'll go with the second one because I remember one time he saw it and told me he likes it. thanks tho!

    • Lol.. I know he likes it.... but why not suprise him with something different.

    • Yeah :) but he only saw it in a store since the first time we started dating and he didn't know I have the dress. I think I told him when he told me to buy it but I think he forgot